360 HD VR Site Documentation

Be There Without Being There

Allow potential customers, tenants, buyers, service providers or your corporate team to visit the site without actually going to the site. Being able to walk through a facility while making design and use decisions is invaluable, but traveling to a facility multiple times is usually not feasible. Insite's HD 360 Site Documentation services solve the problem by allowing your team to visit the site as often as needed without leaving the office.

InSite's HD 360 Site Documentation Services are used for:

  • Architectural Design
  • Facility Surveys
  • Multi-site Documentation
  • Pre/Post Construction Documentation
  • Marketing/Leasing
  • Website Content

Documentation Tour: Hot Springs Resort- North Bonneville, Washington

The architecture firm tasked with renovating this resort contracted us to build a tour so that they could discuss in-depth strategies remotely and efficiently; a task not easily achieved with still photographs or even video.

Leasing Tours: Madison Marguette- Hyde Park Tampa, Florida

InSite has worked with Madison Marguette to produce tours for several of their shopping centers and properties. They are easily, efficiently, and affordably able to exhibit their properties to various potential vendors without the hassle and price of travel.